About The Artist

Armando Colls - Photographer

“Taking a photo is not just having a camera and pressing the shutter. There is much more behind every photograph; there is a moment, a story”.

He is a landscape and still life photographer and a native Floridian who aims to share with a public through his photography the true essence and beauty of nature.

Son of Cuban parents, Colls grew up in Miami living a very quiet life. in Late 2012  he borrowed a camera from a friend without imagining where it would lead him. For Colls, the camera became like a brush to a painter. He was naturally able to capture still life and landscapes. With his incredible talent and humble nature people started taking notice. Never imagining that in just a few years he would receive awards for his photography.

Armando already has a vast collection of works that include shots from numerous places throughout the world. Driven by his joy and freedom in making art through photography, Colls aims to grow as an artist by traveling the world and sharing his vision.

His works includes sunsets and sunrises as well as still life shots from numerous beautiful locations.

Critics have commonly referred to his work as “stunning,” “visionary,” and “breathtaking.”